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SHUAA is the UAE’s premier publicly listed financial services firm which offers a broad range of asset management, corporate finance advisory, capital markets and credit services including lending to regional businesses.


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Our strategy to further solidify our financial base, strengthen our product and services portfolio, intensify our client commitment and enhance our earnings potential make SHUAA a stock well worth watching. 

Investors see SHUAA as an operationally leveraged play on regional market recovery

SHUAA delivered on the guidance issued in 2012 and returned the business to profitability in 2013. Since then consistent progress has been made in our core fee and income generating business units. We have continued to reduce non-core investments as well as our expenses, and have invested our balance sheet into growing our fee and recurring income generation capabilities . As a result, SHUAA is now well positioned to benefit from increasing market activity and growth.

Having already implemented a range of measures to control our cost base, one of SHUAA’s key priorities for 2015 will be to focus on enhancing our income generating capabilities. Our goal remains to continue to deliver in line with our issued guidance and generate long term sustained profitability for our clients and shareholders.



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