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The company encourages volunteering. SHUAA employees often take individual approaches to giving back to the community and sometimes collaborate to make the world a better place.

Two of our employees set up a program in Dubai to support the Raey Foundation, a non for profit school in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for students who have lost their parents to AIDs. With donations of textbooks, funds and school supplies, they visit the school several times a year.   Meanwhile our graphic designer helped design a fund raising calendar and video, which together helped raised a total of over USD35K for the school to purchase a bus.

Some of our staff donate time to the Middle East Investor Relations Society to promote education and investor relations best practice.  In the summer of 2013 SHUAA participated in the MEIRS pilot internship program as a sponsor for an Emirati intern. 

A number of our investment banking staff donate their time to the SME community by offering business valuations and consultancy services at no cost. 

Yet others participate in faith-based programs which give comfort to prisoners and those in need.  Some staff raise funds through athletic events for charities which treat blindness and other afflictions.  Several of our Directors hold Board responsibilities in major educational organizations and other global NGOs.

Whether it’s Board level commitment or one-off events, SHUAA staff are helping in many ways to make Dubai and the world better by giving of themselves.

Our Volunteering Scheme

The SHUAA employer supported Volunteering Scheme reflects SHUAA’s commitment to having an active role in the community. 

Through this Scheme, SHUAA supports its employees in carrying out volunteering in the community.  This support may take many forms and recognizes the right of employees to privacy in their volunteering efforts outside of work, as well as encouraging employees to volunteer through the SHUAA employer supported Volunteering Scheme. 

The Scheme has been designed to provide a framework to support employees who wish to undertake volunteering activities of any kind, providing the aims of the Scheme are met.


1. The Scheme aims to:

  • Develop and strengthen links with the community by sharing the knowledge, skills and abilities of employees with community activities, programmes and organisations.
  • Raise financial awareness and skills of individuals and organisations.
  • Enhance employees’ personal development by helping to build a range of skills and abilities that they can bring back to the workplace.
  • Raise morale and motivation amongst employees.

2. Provision for Leave

The Scheme allows employees up to 3 days volunteering leave per year (pro rata for part time employees) to take part in voluntary activities. The days will be paid as volunteering leave; any remaining volunteer days will be unpaid leave. Flexible working arrangements may be more appropriate for routine voluntary activities. Employees should refer to the HR department for more information.

3. Insurance, Risk, Health and Safety

SHUAA’s liability insurance covers an employee only for work duties.  It is important that employees undertaking a project should identify any activities that would be outside of this definition.  For example, an employee is not covered for heavy lifting, use of power tools or extreme sports.  An employee should ensure that the project itself is covered by the appropriate public/employers' liability insurance.  Health and safety checks will also need to take place and any relevant training undertaken.

4. Feedback/Recognition

Employees who have undertaken any kind of volunteering are encouraged to share their experiences and learning with other employees.

Employee volunteers should obtain a letter of recognition from their place of volunteering that shows the employee has given time there and made a difference to them.  This letter should be kept on the employee's file.

5. Further Information

SHUAA is fully supportive of voluntary activity in the community.  For further information on the Employee Volunteering Scheme, please contact the HR Department,

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