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SHUAA’s wholly owned subsidiaries, Gulf Finance Corporation UAE and Gulf Finance Coporation Saudi Arabia, provide funding solutions to the SME segments in the UAE and the Kingdom.

Gulf Finance Corporation UAE provides funding solutions to SMEs across the Emirates. The Company was established in 1997 and has head offices in Dubai. It offers a broad range of financing services including small business loans, business vehicle finance, consumer finance which includes working capital, asset finance and invoice finance, medical equipment finance and marine finance. Gulf Finance UAE's clients operate in sectors such as manufacturing, logistics, construction, healthcare, travel and tourism, retail and real estate.

In 2012, Gulf Finance Saudi Arabia was established to provide Sharia compliant financing products to SMEs in the Kingdom. The Company is headquartered in Jeddah and provides financial leverage to commercial entities operating in the manufacturing, trading, contracting and logistics sectors.

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Gulf Finance Corporation, UAE

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Gulf Finance Corporation, Saudi Arabia

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SME Lending Subsidiaries

Gulf Finance focuses on providing services to small and medium sized enterprises across a range of business sectors.

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