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Benefits of Working at SHUAA

Apart from working with some of the banking industry’s leading professionals, SHUAA offers a wide range of highly regarded benefits including:

Competitive Salaries and Bonuses

At SHUAA we track compensation levels offered by other businesses in the labour market, as well as other businesses in our industry, to ensure we keep our compensation levels competitive.  We attempt to consistently and equitably apply the following elements to determine compensation levels and salary increases for all SHUAA employees.  

Fixed Remuneration - Fixed salary is based on the role and responsibility of the position, market competitiveness and the incumbent’s performance in the role.  Fixed compensation is made up of base salary and allowances.

Discretionary Annual Bonus -  Discretionary awards may be distributed based on business and individual performance.

Equity Adjustments - Equity adjustments are made from time to time as necessary, or when inequities in salaries are identified and warrant correction. 


SHUAA prides itself in offering promotional opportunities to employees who excel in their roles. This is a key feature of our talent management and succession plan.

End of Service Gratuity

To assist employees to plan for their future, SHUAA provides a generous gratuity plan which significantly exceeds the legal requirements in the region.  

Private Health Cover

SHUAA offers excellent health and wellbeing benefits. All of our employees and their dependants living in Dubai are provided with comprehensive Private Health Cover.

In addition, twice a year we conduct a wellness day to facilitate early detection of general health risks.

Housing Assistance

In order to mitigate the burden of annual rent payments, SHUAA offers a no interest Housing Rent Advance with a flexible repayment options.  

Learning and Development

SHUAA encourages the enhancement and development of skills and knowledge of all employees.  In addition to in-house development activities, the company supports employees to further their education and professional qualifications, and attend external training programmes, which are relevant to their roles.

PRO Services

We have an excellent PRO Services team who assist employees in a multitude of matters related to visas and other government related matters.

Savings Scheme

We have partnered with National Bonds to provide our employees with the opportunity to participate in a well-established and respected savings plan.

Employee Referral Scheme

We encourage, welcome and value referrals from employees. All staff at VP level and below are eligible to participate in the scheme which rewards employees subject to meeting the requirements of the plan. 

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