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SHUAA Capital is in the privileged position of having a highly-skilled team of professionals including some of the most experienced in the financial services industry.

Senior Women

Over 30% of SHUAA’s senior positions are filled by women. One of the most notable is our Senior Investment Banker, who trained initially in Lebanon and Canada. Having joined the Firm in 2007 at the level of Senior Vice President of Corporate Finance, she is today an Executive Director of Investment Banking. In this role, she has led many of our high profile transactions and has originated several business transactions. She is highly regarded within the industry and identified as an essential member of the Investment Banking division.

Career Progression

One of our traders from Lebanon commenced working at SHUAA in 2005 as an intern. After completing his internship, he was offered a permanent position in the Capital Markets team. As the analyst in the team, he undertook sales support tasks for a highly successful and dynamic team. He was identified as a high potential and was promoted to the position of junior trader in 2008. After successfully completing the NASDAQ Trading Manager’s examination in 2010, he was promoted to an associate. He currently works for the new Capital Markets team (recently restructured) as an Assistant Vice President and more senior trader.


One of our Accountants joined the Firm in 1989  from the Philippines. Her first position was as an accounts clerk where her main duties involved general administrative work and supporting the more senior accountants. Throughout her career, she has been consistently acknowledged as a top performer in her field and now undertakes complex accounting responsibilities and manages substantial projects. We are proud to recognise the fact that she has been a key member of the accounts’ team for nearly a quarter of a century.

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