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Dubai SME – Support of Financing Opportunities for Small to Medium Enterprises

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SHUAA’s corporate social responsibility initiative with SMEs is fully in line with the company’s wider mission to support the growth of this important sector and the further development of the UAE economy as a regional financial center.

Within this context, SHUAA’s investment banking division took a number of initiatives in 2012 to promote the SME segment in the UAE. In August 2012, SHUAA teamed up with Dubai SME, the agency of the Department of Economic Development mandated to develop the SME sector to support their efforts to grow this crucial segment of the economy and to offer valuation services to interested SME100 companies. The initiative aimed at providing Dubai-based entrepreneurs with competent and applicable knowledge that will support them in achieving future business success, generated strong interest from Dubai SME100 companies. Between August and December 2012, SHUAA completed valuation assessments for 14 SME 100 companies, providing their management teams with insights into the main areas they need to focus on when preparing their budgets and business plans, the impact of those on their company’s valuation and also gaps that require their attention in order to enhance the ability to access capital.

SHUAA is committed to further support the UAE SME segment in 2013 and beyond. SHUAA’s Investment Banking team is currently in the process of undertaking a number of valuation assessments for SME100 companies. Earlier this year, SHUAA co-hosted a seminar with the Dubai SME sharing its knowledge on how professional investors undertake business valuation assessment and providing the 50 entrepreneurs and/or CEOs who attended the seminar with practical case studies to help them undertake better budgeting and build long term value and returns for their business.

In addition, SHUAA supports consultative dialogue between government, the private sector and the non-governmental public sector to establish developmental priorities and regulatory regimes that are fair and promote commercial and public interests. 

To this end we also support:

  • Establishment of a GCC business consultative council similar to ABAC of APEC to provide advice and recommendations on pending regulations and other business related issues in the Gulf and to build a coalition for creation of a regional pension fund industry.

  • Establishment of a UAE country level financial services  society which could be a channel  for two way business communications regarding pending draft rules and steps to be taken to improve market liquidity, the regulatory environment  and foreign institutional participation.

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Corporate Governance

Good governance provides a solid foundation for SHUAA Capital to achieve its vision and raise corporate performance.

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