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Family Businesses and High Net Worth Individuals

Family Offices

SHUAA can offer family offices a range of financial services including corporate advisory and restructuring of assets and businesses, asset management and institutional brokerage, as well as access to public capital markets. Characteristics of Middle Eastern family offices are expectations of high returns (in excess of 8 per cent ) at low risk and a preference for property investment.

Family offices generally serve families with at least $100 million or more of investable assets.  Less frequent in the Middle East are multi-family offices which function as customized private banking units for several families or an extended family group who are often co-investors in businesses. 

Industry observers have estimated that there are 2,500 to 3,000 single family offices managing more than $1.2 trillion in assets around the world with from 75 to 100 based in the GCC. 

High Net Worth Clients

With one of the highest GDPs per capita in the world, the UAE boasts many high net worth clients for whom SHUAA can offer securities sales and trading execution and asset management services.  To qualify for an account opening, individual clients agree to maintain a minimum balance of US$ 1 million of cash and securities with the Firm. 

Ultra-High Net Worth Consultants estimate that the Middle East and Africa are home to at least 7,130 UHNW individuals with a combined net worth of at least US$1 trillion and a minimum of $30 million each. The steady pace of increase in the population of UHNW individuals reflects the tremendous potential of the two regions despite the political uncertainty that overshadows them. 

As a regional gateway, the UAE is estimated to have 35 billionaires and have the second largest regional population of Ultra-High Net Worth individuals in the Middle East after Saudi with a population of 810  UHNWI controlling $120 billion.  Saudi Arabia is estimated to have a UHNWI population of 1,265 individuals controlling about US$230 billion.

For such clients, SHUAA is positioned to offer discretionary asset management services customized to invest for individual needs and risk profiles, whether those are growth or value, religious or cause sensitive, in a variety of markets and financial instruments. 

For entrepreneurs or owners of businesses, SHUAA also offers corporate advisory and capital raising services, as well as institutional sales and trading.

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