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Strategic, Operational and Financial Roadmap Unveiled

03 October 2012

  • SHUAA completed successful restructuring programme
  • SHUAA to deploy balance sheet to drive revenues
  • Incorporating credit into a fully integrated investment banking platform

SHUAA Capital (‘SHUAA’) today announces its new strategic, operational and financial roadmap.

SHUAA will transform into a client-centric, fully integrated investment bank, adding an expanded Credit offering to its existing Asset Management, Investment Banking and Capital Markets platform. This integrated approach will service high net worth individuals, SME businesses, family offices and conglomerates as well as institutional clients.

Central to the new strategy will be the deployment of SHUAA’s balance sheet to capture growth opportunities in the credit space. This will be done on a risk-adjusted basis. The introduction of SHUAA Credit is a direct response to client needs and enables SHUAA to offer a full suite of services and solutions to a broader client base. A greater weighting of SHUAA’s corporate balance sheet towards credit will also generate more earnings visbility, lower earnings volatility and higher gross margins.

SHUAA’s Credit division will provide accessto capital and liquidity solutions to the private sector and offer investors access to credit investment strategies. SHUAA will do this by providing commercial finance, credit asset management products and corporate debt advisory services. SHUAA alreadyhas a very successful asset finance business, Gulf Finance Corporation, and this new strategy widens the credit offering and builds on its strong SME franchise.

SHUAA will continue to maintain a diversified equities platform underpinned by its Capital Markets, InvestmentBanking and Asset Management divisions.SHUAA has a solid track record in these areas and the economic downturn has forced many competitors to close or retrench, leaving SHUAA well positioned for the next equity cycle. Asset Management will continue to attract clients through its strongfund platform and superior performance, as well as launchnew products in collaboration with SHUAA Credit. Investment Banking will broaden its capability to include debt advisory services.

Commenting HH Sheikh Maktoum bin Hasher Al Maktoum, Executive Chairman of SHUAA Capital, said:

“We believe there is a major opportunity for a local,fully integrated investment bank.SHUAA is a unique brand with deep roots in the UAE. The development of a full credit offeringcomplements our core areas of expertise off of which we can build long term client relationships across all business divisions. Access to capital remains a serious challenge for regional private companies and the SME sector in particular. SHUAA’s strong balance sheet position allows the Company to respond to the markets needs for credit products, solutions and advice.”

For further information please contact:

Oliver Schutzmann
Head of Investor Relations & Corporate Communications
Tel: +971 4 319 9872
Mobile: +971 50 640 5722

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