History does not repeat itself

History does not repeat itself

Most will balk at the title! We have been raised over the past centuries on the importance of history and the need to learn from history to avoid pitfalls.


However, there is nothing about historical events that has been repeating–whether exactly or in a different incarnation!


Over at least the past 10 years, what the world and humanity witnessed has never been experienced in human history. Beware, what is meant here is not the literal sense of historical events happening again, rather similar set of events, episodes, circumstances, and the experience and outcomes of dealing with them.


Let us face it: the effect of 4.57 billion people with access to the internet is uncharted territory. So is outer space mining, artificial intelligence, automation, genetic engineering, and the list goes on.

The epitome of uncharted territories is the Coronavirus Pandemic. It is definitely not similar to the Spanish Influenza nor any other pandemic. The Coronavirus Pandemic had (and continues to have) myriad effects on the world and humanity. Never did travel come to a halt (in modern time through modern transportation means, or in ancient times by ancient transportation means like horses and feet!). 


Never did billions of people stay at home all at once. Never did all economic sectors–bar few—have come to a complete stop. Never did 90% of all students in the world learned at home. And last but not least, it has never been the case that the world is unified against a single cause; it has always been a tug of war between different sides, but today, we have seen what history has never prescribed.

The title of the article should not be taken out of context and misunderstood. Studying and documenting history has been and will continue to be a hallmark of human civilization. The point of this article is to open the eyes of decision makers in households, companies, and governments, that the future events will continue to be uncharted territories, and this pandemic was not the first and will not be the last.


Adaptation to what may come in the future is the savior; humans have thrived compared to all other species because of their superior ability to adapt to events, surroundings, and environments. Whether for an individual, a corporate, or a country, adapting to the fast changing events in the world is key. It is futile to forecast or speculate on what the future holds; what is more useful is to sharpen the skill of adaptation and master it.


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Jassim Alseddiqi

Group CEO of SHUAA Capital