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Results and Presentations


DateFY 2020 FinancialsFile TypeSize
10.03.21FY 2020 Financials EnglishDownload2.74Mb
10.03.21FY 2020 Financials ArabicDownload4.25Mb
11.03.21SHUAA Earnings Presentation FY 2020Download1.30Mb
DateQ3 2020 FinancialsFile TypeSize
11.11.20Q3 2020 Financials EnglishDownload1.31Mb
11.11.20Q3 2020 Financials ArabicDownload1.58Mb
12.11.20SHUAA Earnings Presentation Q3 2020Download0.73Mb
DateH1 2020 FinancialsFile TypeSize
13.08.20H1 2020 Financials- EngDownload1.62Mb
13.08.20H1 2020 Financials- ARDownload1.62Mb
16.08.20SHUAA Earnings Presentation Q2 2020Download0.76Mb
DateQ1 2020 FinancialsFile TypeSize
13.08.20Q1 2020 Financials EnglishDownload1.49Mb
13.08.20Q1 2020 Financials ArabicDownload1.49Mb
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