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Results and Presentations


DateQ3 2020 FinancialsFile TypeSize
11.11.20Q3 2020 Financials EnglishDownload1.31Mb
11.11.20Q3 2020 Financials ArabicDownload1.58Mb
12.11.20SHUAA Earnings Presentation Q3 2020Download0.73Mb
DateH1 2020 FinancialsFile TypeSize
13.08.20H1 2020 Financials- EngDownload1.62Mb
13.08.20H1 2020 Financials- ARDownload1.62Mb
16.08.20SHUAA Earnings Presentation Q2 2020Download0.76Mb
DateQ1 2020 FinancialsFile TypeSize
13.08.20Q1 2020 Financials EnglishDownload1.49Mb
13.08.20Q1 2020 Financials ArabicDownload1.49Mb
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